Going up to the Gold Coast and Byron Bay for the week

The first time I went on an airplane was when I was 13. My mom picked some fight with my dad about how he never takes us anywhere, and so he randomly decided to book a trip for the three of us to go to Las Vegas. That was also my first time leaving the state of California. Ed never wanted to go anywhere with our parents, so that’s why he stayed behind. My daughter is just over 1 year old, and the flight she took this morning from Melbourne to Gold Coast was her 9th flight, plus her first flight traveling in economy class. Her first eight flights were all in First or Business class. She’s having quite the jet-setting life already.

We arrived in Gold Coast, Queensland, this afternoon, and decided to spend the rest of the day on the resort property. Kaia enjoyed her very first Moreton Bay Bugs during our lunch at the hotel restaurant. These little crustaceans go by many names, including flathead lobsters, bay lobsters, and Moreton bugs. Moreton bay bugs live in deep water and most species can be found all along the Australian coast. The first time I’d ever seen them was when we were in Cairns in 2014 and had them at a restaurant. The second time I saw them was in Sydney at the fish market in 2015. They are cooked and prepared just like lobsters, and they’re a very expensive delicacy, one I had never seen or heard of outside of Australia. Similar to how she was with lobster, Kaia loved the bay bugs. Our plate had five of them, and she had one bay bug almost all to herself and gobbled it up! She seems to love all seafood she’s had so far — my sweet little foodie baby.

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