Back and neck aches

The last couple of days, I may have slept funny, which has resulted in my back and neck feeling extremely tight. Rolling my neck feels really tight and uncomfortable, and my back… well, it just feels like it needs someone to walk on it, but that wouldn’t be such a great idea since it’s my upper back area near my shoulders. That thought made me remember a time a few years ago when I worked in an office, and a colleague had some knots in his back and asked if any of us were willing to stand on his back to help him get them out. Everyone else did a double take and stayed silent, and I said, hey, if it works, then I’m happy to do it if you want! So I did.

Twenty years ago, I had no idea what it was like to have weird knots or stiff feelings in my neck or back, or even to get little injuries in my legs or IT band or piriformis muscles. It’s like all these things started happening to me once I hit my 30s. I’m still physically active and in good shape, relatively speaking, but my body is just getting older. And I’m definitely feeling it. And thank goodness for tiger balm.

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