Grass jelly and the world of Asian desserts

Kaia has now had about 220 different types of solid foods and spices. I was eager to have her try a lot of Asian desserts… but unsweetened that I grew up enjoying, such as dou hua (tofu pudding) and grass jelly. Given that I am actively trying to not include added sugar or salt into her diet, I’ve been giving her the plain silken tofu and plain grass jelly to try. On Friday, I picked up freshly made grass jelly for myself, and for her to try out without the sugar syrup. I wasn’t sure how she would do with it, especially since.. it’s probably the only gelatinous thing she’s had, not to mention the only black-colored solid food she’s had. Initially, when she had her first taste, she made some faces and pushed it away. But then she’d come back for a couple spoonfuls and then push it away, all the while trying to get her hands into the bowl to smush the jelly between her fingers. On day 3 trying out the grass jelly, she just wanted… ALL of it. She would try to grab mine after I added sugar syrup to it. She wanted more and more and didn’t want to stop until I made her stop. It was so cute and hilarious to watch this.

I hope she embraces all the subtly flavored Asian desserts I introduce her to, especially once we introduce some sugar to her from time to time.

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