Using religion as a cloak for the real driver: money

I was prepared to get rejected by a nanny at some point. I just didn’t think it would be this soon. This morning, as I was on another call screening another potential nanny candidate, Eroline, the nanny who rejected us, texted me. I was curious why she was texting, so after I got off the call, I looked at her message, which read like this:

“Good morning Yvonne i hope Kaya gum is feeling much better today. And all of you are in good health this wanderful morning. I forgot to tell you why i chose the other family they are willing to pay my tax. As it said in the Bible gives back to  Caesar . I wish you all the best my love. Agape ❤🙏”

So, while she originally told me over the phone that she chose the other family because she prayed to Jehovah, who pointed her in the direction of the other family, the REAL reason she chose the other family was that they were willing to compensate her the difference to ensure that her take home pay was higher than she originally asked to get paid. This is just what really religious people do: they use religion as an excuse for their actions when the real reason that motivates them is what motivates most human beings in a capitalist society: MONEY.

I don’t like to play games. I don’t enjoy bidding wars. If you want to get paid something, just say that’s your rate. If someone tells me her rate is $20/hour, I go with exactly that and pay her $20/hour. I’m not sitting there, noodling over whether I should proactively offer $21 or $22/hour to “win” her over. I hate that crap. I’m not a mind reader. Just be upfront about what you want! When did clear communication become so difficult?!

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