When a nanny rejects you

After having two terrible nanny trials, I had high hopes for Wednesday’s trial nanny. She was very bubbly and outgoing when we spoke over video, and her references just raved about her. They even said she was an amazing cook and would cook for the whole family. This person HAD to be good, right?

Well, she wasn’t just good… she was great. She followed all our instructions. She filled out the baby log book. She got on the floor with Kaia and showed her how to roll and every time I looked over, she was getting Kaia to do tummy time. She was enthusiastic and sang, read books, showed her colors and textures. This nanny clearly loved babies. She was great at soothing Kaia and pivoting when needed. Kaia actually had not one but two teething tantrums while this nanny was here, and the nanny handled both well. She also did a thorough job bathing her. I texted her after she left and asked for her email address where we could send a sample contract to.

Well, this didn’t work out. This morning, she apparently signed a contract with another family she had done a trial with weeks ago. She said she prayed to Jehovah last night when we both messaged her around the same time and asked him to point her in the right direction. And so she decided on the other family. She called this afternoon to let me know and thank me for the opportunity to care for my sweet, precious baby.

I was crushed. We were immediately back at zero… AGAIN. The first promising nanny we had, and she was saying no… to US. SERIOUSLY? I made her oyster butter noodles, peeled her mandarins, and cut her a mango!

“Stop cutting mangoes for these people!” Chris exclaimed. “You can cut them all you want once they get hired, but stop giving my mangoes to these people who aren’t going to last!”

Since when did the mangoes in this house become his mangoes…?

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