Marital conversations during the newborn weeks

Once you have a baby, the conversations that you have with your spouse day to day will change drastically from the time pre-baby. This is a quick sample of questions that Chris and I ask each other throughout the day:

Chris to me:

How was your pump? 

How was your output?

How many minutes on each boob?

Is she actually eating or is she just pacifying?

Do we still have any berries left?

Why did you get that type of oat milk? (He wants Oatly and only Oatly)

Was it just pee?

Do you want me to change her or do you want to do it?

Do we need more diapers?

Me to Chris:

How was the feed?

Is that formula or breast milk (in the bottle)?

Did she spit up? How much?

Who is that gift from?

Who sent that package?

Can you make sure to buy more veg when you go to Whole Foods/Brooklyn Fare?

I am sure that the questions will eventually get less mundane, but this is the way it goes now.

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