A morphing skin tone

When our baby was first born, her skin pretty much resembled mine when I was born. She wasn’t too light, but she wasn’t too dark. She did not have that pearly white skin that Chinese babies have, but rather more olive skin the way someone in Southeast Asia might have from lots of sun exposure, hence my Vietnamese side. Or, maybe her skin was a little bit less fair because of Chris’s Indian heritage. Regardless, her skin tone has definitely not remained the same since birth, and in fact, it has actually been morphing pretty much every single day since she was born. 

Some days, our baby is very fair skinned and light, whereas other days, she almost looks completely light brown, particularly on her chest and belly when we are rubbing her with lotion.  It is most noticeable on her chest and belly and less on her face. I have even noticed that some days, her legs are the darkest part of her body, and that is strange given the fact that they are almost always covered in her onesie. She gets a decent amount of indirect light given that we have floor to ceiling windows in our living room and a lot of natural light in our apartment, but we try hard to make sure that she doesn’t get too much direct sunlight because her skin is still very young.  So it’s not the light in the apartment that is making her dark. It’s just her body figuring out what color she should be, which will likely keep changing as she continues to get a little older day by day.

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