the growing list of things to make before baby

While many expectant moms are busy decorating their nurseries and organizing all their future baby’s clothes in the right sizes and categories and textures, I… haven’t really been doing that. Yes, Pookie Bear does have some clothes ready and they have been organized by size, and yes, I do have to wash some of the newborn onesies and sleepers in preparation for her arrival, but honestly, I think I’ve been focusing more on all the things I want to make and bake before she arrives. Some of them will be consumed after her arrival assuming our freezer can make the space.

The scallion milk bread from yesterday was on the list, so that’s been checked off. So was the invisible gateau/apple cake I made last weekend. Today, I made another batch of homemade, toasted garam masala, so that’s been replenished. We also have a jar of chili oil that is ready for dumplings anytime. I have a number of different pumpkin desserts I want to make, including pumpkin apricot bread (more like cake), pumpkin mochi muffins, and maybe even pumpkin streusel muffins. Cream puffs were something I wanted to make, but they are a bit finicky and Chris seemed unenthused by them, so it’s unlikely I will be making them before Pookie arrives. I also want to make the browned butter miso chocolate chip cookies that have long been on my list to make, not to mention finally make use of the tinned passion fruit pulp I have to make a cake, but that will wait until two weekends from now when my friend and her husband come visit. A round cake, at least in our house, seems to only make sense when we have guests to entertain.

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