Baking bread during my day off

I’ve been enjoying my four-day weekend, with my day off I pre-planned on Friday, plus my Wellness Day company wide today. I knew I wanted to accomplish a few things today: I wanted to bake scallion milk bread, and I also wanted to start stocking up on some pre-made items for our freezer for when Pookie Bear arrives. I started the morning with some Bloom Method workouts via the free trial I started with them that focuses on pelvic and core strength. Then I went on to prepare and knead the milk bread dough before getting ready to leave for Flushing. Who knows, I thought, as I left the apartment. This may be the last time I go to Flushing before baby arrives. And most of Flushing’s best food is on the street and not super friendly to a stroller, so I just need to stock up on what I can when I can now.

So I picked up a bunch of things, enjoyed a duck jianbing and a Happy Lemon salted cheese, fresh strawberry, and jasmine tea drink, and went back home to knead and shape my scallion rolls. The bread didn’t brown as much as I wanted on top, but it was still therapeutic to knead and shape the bread. Baking bread is very calming and meditative for me. I hope I will still be able to find the time and energy to do this even after Pookie Bear arrives.

Who knows – maybe she will learn to love the process as much as I do, and then we can do it together!

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