Lying down and sleeping – what joy!

For the first time in almost a week, I actually fell asleep lying down last night. I couldn’t believe it. It actually felt like a miracle! Even though it was about 4-5 nights of pain and being forced to sleep sitting up, being able to sleep half on my side last night and partly on my back felt joyous and amazing, like a great feat that was achieved. It sounds ridiculous when you think about it, but it really felt that way to me. I was terrified that I’d have painful shooting sciatic pain for the rest of my pregnancy. It may come back depending on the changing position of the baby, but for now, I will enjoy my little respite.

A lot will change once the baby comes, as pretty much every professional, doctor, and parent will tell me. I’ll need to enjoy the seemingly little things or small moments, whether that is being able to sleep an hour or two at a time, getting outside for fresh air for just 10-15 minutes, having enough energy to prepare an actual from-scratch dish, or having what I perceive to be a full-on shower with my hair fully washed and towel dried. So I might as well start enjoying the small wins now while I can, and sleep as much as I can for as many uninterrupted periods (well, other than peeing what feels like every two hours).

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