Enjoying the little things

While on my short walk to dinner with a friend just 10 minutes away, I was thinking about how everyday a dinner with a friend currently is, and how it’s not going to be as easy once the baby comes. Going to the theater or a comedy show is just an everyday thing in New York, but all these seemingly everyday fun outings aren’t as simple with a child. In the future, I’ll have to think about who’s going to look after the baby when I am out, or if Chris will be able to, or if a friend or babysitter will be needed. That’s actually one downside of not having grandparents around: you don’t just automatically get free babysitting when you need it. And with friends, most friends won’t be willing or able (who wants to change diapers?!) to babysit, while others… well, their ability or trustworthiness with a tiny human who can’t fend for herself may be a bit questionable. Once upon a time, it would “take a village” to raise and look after a child. Now, it’s really just the parents assuming grandparents aren’t around, and whatever hired help they can find or afford. And when I had a pediatrician online consult today, she suggested that the baby not go on the subway or any public transportation until she at minimum has her first set of vaccines at around 2 months of age, which means that we’ll be restricted to places walking distance from our area, or Uber/cab rides.

Life changes pretty quickly with a new family addition. But my hope is that amidst all the lack of sleep, blow-outs, poop and pee everywhere, and disheveled household, that I’ll be able to enjoy these moments because babies grow up so fast. Time really flies quickly, especially the older I get. I can’t even believe we’re already in autumn of 2021 and that I’m now in my 31st week of pregnancy!

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