Jo Koy at Radio City Music Hall and fetal activity

Last night, we went to see the comedian Jo Koy at Radio City Music Hall. It was a much longer show than expected that also ended with a bit of a ’90s R&B concert series; Jo Koy can really sing!! Every time we’re at the theater, comedy, or at events where there’s lots of noise and social interaction, the baby tends to get a lot more active than usual, kicking and waving her hands all over the place, shifting, turning, and making her presence known. It’s almost like she knows that fun is outside of the womb, and she wants to be included in the action.

I’ve also noticed that recently, I think I can detect the difference between her movement and her hiccups. The movements are like more distinct kicks, turns, swivels, pushes, and waving, whereas the hiccups are like her whole tiny body shakes… which feels like my entire uterus shaking from being started. I suppose she is drinking in all the amniotic fluid, which is supposed to taste like what I am eating!

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