Another poor night of sleep

Last night until about 2-3am, it was pretty much impossible to find a position that was comfortable and didn’t result in burning sensations or shooting pains down my hip and right leg. I kept trying to adjust in bed, and everything failed. Chris finally dragged the sturdy leather chair from the second bedroom into our bedroom, and we took a big diaper box and plopped it in front of the chair as a makeshift leg stool. He arranged the pillows and blankets on the chair for me to attempt to sleep there. It was much more comfortable there, and I pushed the ice pack onto my right hip for relief. It still hurt, but I felt more comfortable half lying on something that was more sturdy since our mattress really isn’t too firm. The pain lingered until about 3am, and suddenly, something, or SOMEONE, shifted in me. I could feel her movement change and the areas where I felt her hands and feet were not the same anymore. At that point, I needed to pee, so I slowly tried to get myself up, and I quickly realized that it was so much easier than a few hours ago. While my right leg was still weak, I didn’t have the same kind of weakness in my knee. I could walk more comfortably, and it seemed like a relief. The shooting and burning feelings were gone, too. THANK GOD.

After I used the bathroom, I attempted to go back to bed to sleep. I still couldn’t lie down and feel comfortable, so instead, I just sat at about a 45 degree angle and fell asleep. It felt like a small victory… all because baby likely decided to shift her position.

This little baby could very much be both the biggest blessing and the biggest pain of my life.

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