Lying naked and in pain on the floor

This morning, I was limping. I knew that I wasn’t even close to 100 percent, but I wasn’t experiencing any shooting pains down my leg, so I figured I could at least go to the gym to walk on the treadmill, do some upper body exercises, and stretch my back and limbs, so I did that. Except, well, the stretching of the limbs didn’t really go so well. I knew something felt wrong when I got up from my child’s pose and felt a deeper dull ache on my right side. I limped my way out of the gym and onto the elevator, back to my apartment. Undressing for the shower was extremely uncomfortable; I had to sit down the whole time while undressing. And then finally when I got all my clothes off, I tried going to the bathroom and totally failed. I ended up crouching, then lying on the floor naked, wondering how I had come to this. I kept trying to get up, but my right leg felt so weak and the shooting pains were starting again that I could barely gather the energy to get my entire body up. So I gave up and just laid there, feeling miserable and sorry for myself. I Slacked my boss to let her know I had to take the afternoon off and that I’d reschedule all my meetings.

Then, I laid there for a good 30 minutes before I was finally able to get up, limping even harder into the bathroom. I somehow found the energy to make it into the shower. Boy, did THAT take a lot of effort. I think the warmth of the water really helped because after that, I was actually more mobile and nimble. I then proceeded to call multiple chiropractor offices to see if they’d take my insurance and tried to make the closest appointment possible. Unfortunately, none of them were in-network with ANY insurance (how fun for me), but I was desperate and I needed SOMEONE to help me feel better.

I finally made an appointment for 10am the next day, and I hope this helps. It will be my first time at a chiropractor’s office, so I hope I leave feeling better and not broken.

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