The pain continues

The pain doesn’t seem to be stopping. And the worst part is, it’s inconsistent regarding what actually makes me feel better. Lying all the way down feels terrible regardless of what position it is. Sitting for too long is uncomfortable. Walking, surprisingly enough, is actually comfortable despite the pain I feel when the weight is on the right side. But then when I did some new stretches this afternoon that were supposed to help, I felt even worse. I laid on the bed for a good half hour, constantly switching positions and having no clue how to alleviate the pain.

Chris suggested I walk in the pool, as the water could help. So I walked up and down the lines for a while and finished with a few swims on my back because I can’t be bothered sticking my face in the water. That felt pretty good. Then, I carefully went into the jacuzzi, trying to ensure the belly wasn’t submerged in the water, just to get the jets pushing water out against my thighs right along my IT band where the pain seems to be. While all of that felt good, as soon as I got out of the water, I didn’t feel good again. What is going to help…. someone please help meeeee.

I contacted my doula, who suggested prenatal massage and/or a chiropractor who specializes in pregnancy. I emailed my OB for help. I even texted the trainer at the gym for some stretching advice. Why do I have all these lines of support yet I still feel miserable and like nothing is actually concretely helping me in this moment?

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