First visit at the chiropractor’s

The baby had moved positions in the wee hours of the morning before my chiropractor appointment, but I wondered if this visit would additionally help me at all. I went in, spoke with the doctor, and told him where I was experiencing pain and what it felt like. He asked some follow up questions and asked some clarifying questions, and he came to the conclusion that I was suffering from facet syndrome with mild sciatic neuropathy as a result of the uterus pushing down on my facet bones in my pelvic region and ultimately my sciatic nerve. He massaged my lower back, some pressure points around my butt bone and hip, and also adjusted me in three different spots. Well, no one is going to complain about a massage! And the adjustments felt really good, though the first one did seem a little scary initially. While all of this was a new experience to me, I actually found it a little comical that it had taken me this long to see a chiropractor. Both my parents regularly see the same chiropractor. When Ed was still here, he saw the same family chiropractor, as well. It was really only a matter of time before I finally saw one, too.

He ended our session by whipping out an object that appeared to be a cross between a drill and a multiple-bullet nerf gun. It looked pretty terrifying. He said that it might hurt a bit, but he also insisted that it would help relieve a lot of my tightness along my hip and IT band in my leg. So he applied it on both sides, slowly running it up and down the sides of my thighs and hips, and while it was a little painful initially, the pain gradually transitioned into a rough massage feeling, and when he finally shut the device off, I felt even further relief. “So, what is that called, and I can get one of those things?” I asked him, grinning.

Welp, lay people like myself can’t just pick up one of those devices from Amazon. You actually have to be a certified chiropractor with a practice to use those things. At least I tried to ask.

I went back again today. If anything, the visit was worth it just for the massage and that amazing drill-nerf gun device, which could be like my new best friend.

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