Pregnancy fatigue lessening while nails are out of control

As the first trimester ends as it’s been noted in every pregnancy guide I’ve read, it’s normal for pregnancy symptoms, such as extreme fatigue, nausea, breast soreness, and bloating to slowly come to an end. For me, while I had only a couple of bouts of nausea, I did have ongoing bloating and pretty extreme fatigue from around weeks 7-10. While it’s great to know that these symptoms would lessen, as I do feel my energy returning to pre-pregnancy levels, it’s also a little bit scary because guides also say that a total disappearance of pregnancy symptoms could mean that you’ve had a miscarriage. See how everything seems to be a double-edged sword while you are pregnant? It doesn’t feel like you can feel “safe” at any time regardless of what happens. My breast soreness still continues, and it’s the most prominent in the morning when I get out of bed. Sometimes when I have moments of anxiety and for whatever reason wonder if I am still pregnant, I press on one of my breasts to see if it still feels sore, and then am slightly relieved when I still notice it hurts or is sore. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s just something I’ve been doing.

I’m still cutting my nails extremely regularly; it’s actually comical how often I need to cut them. Granted, I like my nails shorter than the average woman, particularly because I cook often, so as soon as the whites start showing, I start feeling uncomfortable. But since we were in New Mexico for about five days, i had no access to a nail clipper, and so the nails just went wild! I’m even considering recording how often I cut my nails during my pregnancy journey as a way to document life during these days. The pregnancy hormones make your hair and nails grow much faster. While I’m bad at keeping track of hair growth, maybe my hair stylist will comment on it when I go in for a cut and color in July.

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