Resisting maternity wear shopping

I’m about 13 weeks along in my pregnancy as of this week. I think and say this every week since I found out I was pregnant, but I still can’t believe I’ve made it this far and am just feeling so grateful. As my belly is slowly growing n the last week, I’ve read that the expanding uterus is slowly moving up from my pelvic region into the area where my stomach is, which is why your stomach starts expanding. There are a number of pants (well, any pant that has a zipper!) and skirts I can no longer wear comfortably, and soon enough, there will be shirts I will no longer fit into anymore, either. And while I have done some brief online browsing at maternity clothing, I’m trying to limit myself to not buy too many pieces since maternity wear is for a limited time only, or to buy things that I can wear postpartum and beyond. At the same time, I haven’t actually purchased anything yet because part of me feels scared of “jinxing” the pregnancy. So I thought that for self-assurance, I would wait until after my 15- and 16-week appointments and ultrasounds to purchase anything new for myself.

The risk of miscarriage plummets after week 12-13, but in the back of my mind given the nearly two years we’ve been trying to conceive, plus the last year of going to a fertility specialist, I can never feel so sure or calm about any of this. I just need to keep taking it day by day, and once my clothes officially do not fit anymore, then it will be time to really go shopping.

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