Using restrooms while pregnant

Chris and I went out to view some apartments today, and while walking between one and the other, which was quite a fair distance, I needed to use the bathroom. Well, as he comments, I seemingly always need to use the restroom, but while pregnant, I’ve definitely needed to use it even more often. We passed by a Wagamama restaurant, and he just looked at me with my little bump sticking out of my dress and said, “You should just go in and tell them you’re pregnant and see if they will let you use it. They definitely will. You ARE pregnant! You LOOK pregnant in what you’re wearing, so it’s not like you’re lying!”

So I walked in and the host greeted me, and I said, “Hi, I’m pregnant, and….”

“You need to use the restroom? Go on ahead. Straight back to your left,” he said smiling.

It was hilarious. He must get this question all the time. And here I was, actually taking advantage of being pregnant and needing to use the restroom at a place where I wasn’t actually a patron. Tiny wins.

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