90+ degree F day in New York with a little bump

It was the first 90+ degree F day in New York City today, and we ended up going down to Brooklyn for our usual food crawl and outdoor exploration. Somehow, not only did we cash in on the Malai Ice Cream credit we were given due to the poor service we experienced our first time there last fall, but we even scored a whole dozen of free free-range eggs from Double Yoke egg company. It felt like a very lucky day for us.

One thing I noticed while getting dressed for the day was that my tiny bump was actually showing through my slightly fitted summer dress. I only have a few summer dresses that I would happily wear on a day this hot, and this one… well, it’s either I’ve eaten WAY too much food, or there’s definitely a pregnant belly sticking out. I smiled looking at myself in the mirror. It’s my little baby showing. And she’s only getting bigger from here on out, fingers crossed.

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