First cravings

I spent most of today thinking about crusty bread, matzo ball soup, and egg salad. I ended up picking up two types of focaccia plus a round whole wheat seeded loaf at Eataly since I passed it going between my two doctor appointments today. But I could not locate a matzo ball soup place easily. And with egg salad, well, most places’ egg salads are pretty sad, so I’m planning on making some this weekend. I had my EMG test today downtown, which is the test that sees what nerve issues I have and how severe my cubital tunnel is. It was not fun at all; not only was the doctor late by nearly half an hour, but he was a socially awkward, very strange man. It was like something out of a movie where I was lying down on an examination table with all these things plugged into my arms, hands, and fingers, getting shocked and zapped. The last part was the real kicker: he actually stuck needles into my hand and thumbs to see how sensitive I was. I now have a bruise on my left hand from where the needle was stuck. The verdict was in: the good news is that I do not have any nerve damage. The bad news is I definitely have mild cubital tunnel, more mild on the left side than on the right. I have extremely mild carpal tunnel on my left side, with less mild carpal tunnel on the right. And what do I need to do? Everything I have been doing (I give much credit to my vertical mouse for saving me), plus he prescribed some ointment he didn’t bother describing in depth and sent it directly to my pharmacy. This neurologist was a true peach if you couldn’t already tell.

I came home and shared the focaccia with Chris, but even after finishing it, it didn’t seem to be enough. I still kept thinking about the chickeny goodness of matzo ball soup and the creamy richness of egg salad. I’m definitely having both of them this weekend. I deserve to eat what I want.

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