The husband delivers matzo ball soup while I am peeing everywhere

It was Chris’s day off today, so I asked him to go out and pick me up some matzo ball soup. He is not a fan of it and thinks it is bland, boring, and a waste of space, but when he came back, he did deliver: I had a family-size container of matzo ball soup all to myself. I salivated a little while looking at the bag. They say that another pregnancy symptom is when you drool more often than usual. I guess I fit the bill.

One additional annoying pregnancy symptom I’ve been having since late last week is that I cannot sleep through the night without having to get up to pee. I’ve had to get up once or twice every night to pee, and I have no idea where all this liquid is coming from. I don’t even drink that much before bed, yet somehow I have enough urine stored up in me for two long pee sessions in the wee hours of the night! And this is supposedly just the beginning; once I start getting bigger, my uterus is supposed to put pressure on my bladder, which will cause me to pee even more often than I already am. Chris makes fun of me and says that pregnant or not pregnant, I pee like a fountain anyway, so what’s the difference?

I also had my first bout of dizziness and nausea at the same time today. I was about to go into back to back Zoom meetings, and I felt like throwing up, but I had nothing to vomit up. I went to lie down for about 15 minutes before my next call and continued to sip hot water. And once the meetings were over, I went to boil some ginger since ginger/ginger tea is supposed to help with nausea. I was lucky in that it was temporary; it didn’t last longer than two hours.

Even though these symptoms are all annoying, I feel grateful to be pregnant. In a weird way, I feel grateful to have all these symptoms to “show” I am pregnant. Every morning I wake up, and I cannot believe I am actually pregnant. I’ve been waiting for almost two years to get a positive pregnancy test or to have someone exclaim, “You’re pregnant!” and it’s finally here. I hope I can continue to be cautiously optimistic and that my body will take care of the growing embryo inside of me. I’m trying to be as hopeful as possible.

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