Third beta appointment and first obstetrical ultrasound

My friend was so excited at the idea of my first obstetrical ultrasound that she insisted she accompany me to my third appointment since the transfer. I didn’t mind; I was happy to have the emotional support, and well, as per usual, in the back of my mind, I keep wondering if something would go awry. This is my “cautious optimism” at play now. As per usual, I had my blood drawn and then waited to be called in for the ultrasound. When my name was called, I asked the clinical assistant if my friend could come in, too, and so to accommodate us, she switched the exam room to one that was a little more comfortable for three people. Upon entering the exam room, I was unfortunately told that I was still having a trans-vaginal ultrasound, meaning, I’d still have to have a freaking wand stuck up my vagina yet again. Well, if this is the normal procedure, then I guess I will just go ahead with it, I said to the clinical assistant. She gave me a sympathetic glance and left the room for me to undress waist down.

My favorite sonographer came in shortly after, and we had some small talk before she started the ultrasound. She immediately identified the gestational sac and even printed some photos for us. Then when she zoomed in, not only did we see what was the beginning of the yolk sac, but…. she paused. “Yvonne, can you see that second circle?” the sonographer said. “Did you say you transferred one embryo? Because this could either be a second gestational sac or excess fluid, which is totally normal.”

I nearly burned a hole into the ultrasound screen staring into it; THERE COULD BE TWO GESTATIONAL SACS?? MY ONE PRECIOUS EMBRYO COULD HAVE SPLIT???????

My friend and I started squealing and saying over and over, “Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod!!!!!” The sonographer told us she’d share these photos with the doctor to get his thoughts, but told us that he would likely agree with her in that it’s still a bit premature to know whether it’s really two sacs or not. We would find out for sure either next week or the week after, so week 6 or 7. And we’d definitely know by week 8. During week 8, a heart beat can usually be detected if all is going well, and if there are two heart beats, well….. there you go: IDENTICAL TWINS.

My mom is a twin. Unfortunately, her twin died just days after being born (this was rural Vietnam in the 1950s). I will never know if she’s an identical or fraternal twin, though. My mom has always told me that there could be a chance I’d have twins because twins run in our family on her side. If we were having twins, I know she’d absolutely be ecstatic and just go nuts.

For the HCG level stats we’re tracking to ensure the pregnancy is going well:

9 Days Post Transfer: 45.91

11 Days Post Transfer: 127

16 Days Post Transfer: 1,695

Thank whatever and all higher powers that exist. I’m counting my blessings so far. I’m still nervous and scared, but I have more hope and excitement now. My baby (babies) is (are) coming to me. My baby is coming to me.

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