Hips on fire

The pregnancy symptoms began as dull soreness or pressure around my hips and lower back. They started last Monday evening while I was editing a video on my computer. The hip soreness has gradually become a warm, almost fire-like sensation around my hips, lower abdomen, and lower back. While chatting with my friend on my couch for what felt like an hours-long conversation while Chris passed out in our bedroom from his first COVID-19 vaccine dose, I definitely felt like my hips were on fire. It is probably one of the strangest and most unique feelings I’ve ever had.

So far, I haven’t really felt any other symptoms yet. I have not yet experienced nausea or sensitivity to different foods or smells. I can feel that my breasts have become a bit more sensitive in the last day. This whole experience is teaching me new ways that my body reacts and changes. It’s kind of amazing when you think about all that the female body is capable of, particularly when it comes to monthly menstrual cycles and reproduction.

When I went in for my second beta test on Friday, I was so thrilled to find out that my HCG levels didn’t just double; they nearly tripled! So the clinic felt comfortable not having me come back in two days, and instead they told me that they’d like me to come back on Wednesday morning to measure my HCG and progesterone levels, plus for my first obstetrical ultrasound in order to identify a gestational sac.

I was not prepared to hear that: I am just DAYS AWAY from my first OB ultrasound? I could not believe it. I really hope it will be good news again.

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