Finding a public restroom to insert your vag pill

Given we are still living in a global pandemic, taking a progesterone pill three times a day via an applicator in my vagina really has been quite simple seven days a week. While I do need alarms set for morning, mid-afternoon, and bedtime to remind myself, when you are at home most of the time when these need to be “consumed,” it’s quite simple. I prefer to lay on my back and do them on the bed, but obviously, on Saturdays when we are out and about, that is not really possible. So like any other woman on her period, I just need to find a public restroom to insert them, similar to how you’d insert a tampon. Except me being my mom’s daughter, I have literally, not even once, ever used a tampon in my life (she has huge fears of dying from Toxic Shock Syndrome, and well, I figured a pad is just easier, especially since they are made so lightweight and thin nowadays).

It’s not always easy finding a public restroom though, especially when you are in neighborhoods like Crown Heights, which mostly have divey hole-in-the-wall takeout spots that don’t have public restrooms. I managed to ask a restaurant we didn’t even get food from if I could use theirs, and they agreed, but it was pretty clear they were not thrilled I was using their restroom without buying anything. I mean, when a pregnant woman has needs, she has needs, right?

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