Fatigue sets in

Halfway through this afternoon while working, not only did my breasts feel super sore, but I started feeling really exhausted. My body just felt tired. These are supposed to be part of the collection of the many early pregnancy symptoms. The dull pressure and heat was still lingering in my hips, but now I just felt tired overall. So I spent the evening reading a little, lying down, and resting my eyes. I also did a bit more pregnancy yoga and my usual nightly meditation, which has been helpful in calming my nerves.

“Listen to your body and ramp up slowly,” all the pregnancy guides always say when it comes to activity, exercise, doing anything while pregnant. They say you should be doing exercise that “energizes you instead of exhausts you.” So in other words, you probably shouldn’t be doing 500 burpees nonstop or all your usual HIIT routines. A lot of really conservative sites and “professionals” will say not to do any exercise outside of brisk walking and light stretching. But that definitely does not make sense at all for someone who previously was very active and exercised all the time (that’s ME!). While I haven’t felt totally comfortable going back to running just yet, I have been ramping up my exercise again. If we get to week 6, which is when we should be able to detect a fetal heartbeat, maybe then I’ll feel comfortable running again. I’m just taking it all day by day, including exercise ramp up.

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