Durian ice cream find at 3 Aunties Market

It’s been said that you aren’t supposed to lift or carry anything too heavy while you are pregnant. So I tried my best to exercise some self control when walking around Woodside, Jackson Heights, and Elmhurst today, picking up different Thai, Chinese, Colombian, and Indian ingredients and takeout while also not toppling over. It’s okay, though: I came prepared with my backpack in tow, and while I had an unplanned walk to Elmhurst since 3 Aunties Market in Woodside did not have makrut lime leaves (the main Chinese market in Elmhurst always has them), it actually helped me discover a new takeout dim sum spot called Rainbow Dim Sum that ended up being quite good. Not only did they have a fully digital menu, but many of the dim sum dishes, such as fresh rice noodle rolls stuffed with meat, are actually made to order. So I got a few dishes from here, stopped by Lamoon to revisit their delicious and fiery Northern Thai cooking, and also picked up some Thai groceries and ready-made food, including these delicious grilled pork skewers with sticky rice, pandan and coconut jelly cubes… and the biggest surprise of my visit to 3 Aunties — DURIAN ICE CREAM, HOUSE MADE! I couldn’t believe my eyes: they had coconut ice cream, which seems quite standard at most Asian markets, but DURIAN? UMMMM, GIMME! So I got a pint and went on my merry way.

Given it was house made, I knew it had to be promising. Plus, the first ingredient listed was durian, which made me realize that it would be packed with blended durian and likely durian chunks since when an ingredient is listed first, it’s usually because it has the most of that in the item. And the durian ice cream lived up to its hype: it was super creamy, very rich in durian flavor, and the chunks of durian were deeeeee-licious. And it was such a bargain at only $5.99 for a pint! I couldn’t have been happier today.

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