Excitement vs. fear?

I was chatting with my therapist this morning about the transfer earlier this week. She asked me how I was feeling, and I immediately just started crying. I told her I just felt worried… and powerless. There’s nothing, once again, I can do at this point to make anything happen. I also felt a little excited, but all that excitement could easily just die upon getting a negative HCG test next Wednesday, or even worse, getting my period. I hate waiting, I said to her. I’ve done SO MUCH WAITING this entire time. IVF should really be called I FUCKING HATE WAITING VF. So I wasn’t sure how to feel or even how to express myself.

She suggested that I don’t really give myself time to feel, which is likely why I had such an explosion of emotion when being asked by her how I felt. “It’s okay to sit on your emotions, whether they are good or bad or a mix of two opposing feelings,” she said. She said I have a tendency to bury myself in doing things or being efficient to avoid having to feel. That observation is likely true. I mean, I have consciously noted that I pride myself on productivity and “getting shit done,” so those two things kind of go hand in hand.

So then the next question is: how do I let myself feel?

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