Dreadful, rainy day

After two days of warmth and sun, the city decided to not be so nice to us and give us overcast, fog, and rain today. That was okay by me since I was mostly planning to do vegetable prep and cooking, but my friend had to go back to her apartment and collect some items, plus talk with her estranged boyfriend. I knew it would be sad. And it was confirmed when she came back and looked like she had multiple mosquito bites all over both of her eyes.

They were finally able to talk through things calmly, and he admitted that he didn’t always see things from her perspective and definitely could have expressed appreciation for her more. But the sad thing is… it’s kind of too late. It is always unfortunate when it takes extreme measures for someone to finally listen to the other person. They’re officially on a break, but from my opinion, if she chooses to get back with him, she’s just caving in once again. He had better be kissing her feet and literally treating her to every possible thing on earth she wants if they get back together.

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