Croffle House and Korean BBQ in Murray Hill, Queens

We went exploring another neighborhood during our Saturday food crawl today. This time, we were exploring Murray Hill and Flushing. Murray Hill/Flushing has a pretty sizable Korean area or Koreatown that tends to get forgotten because of the Main Street Flushing Chinatown area being so compact and massive. The biggest issue with the Korean area, if you are traveling on foot, is that it’s quite spread out, kind of like the way it is in Koreatown in Los Angeles. It’s almost like there’s an expectation you are coming with a car. Chris found a really delicious Korean barbecue spot that we started our semblance of a crawl (it wasn’t a true crawl; starting at a Korean BBQ place already means you will have TOO MUCH FOOD!), and at this spot, I couldn’t believe how generous they were. The banchan variety was quite eclectic, plus they gave us not just the delicious Korean steamed egg custard I love, but also a mini tofu soup that was super flavorful and toothsome. Maybe it was because of COVID, but they didn’t let us cook our own food, and instead one of the workers grilled all our meat for us. Of course, we didn’t finish, so we had a little doggy back to bring back with us.

On our way to the BBQ spot, we noticed Croffle House, which makes a hybrid of a croissant and waffle, which is becoming very popular. Despite a waffle + croissant mash up sounds quite rich, this place somehow managed to make it quite light and airy. It wasn’t too sweet, either, with the cream just subtly sweet with some fruit on top. I probably could have eaten two of them on my own.

We probably need to spend more time exploring and eating in this area. It just felt so much more homely and quaint in this Korean area, not to mention the portions were huge and the banchan variety crazy. These are the benefits of eating Korean food outside of Manhattan, in areas like Queens and New Jersey.

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