Taking this Friday off

Chris and I are both lucky in that we randomly get days off from work because of the pandemic. At my work, we call them ‘wellness days.” At his work, I don’t know what they call them, but they are just as random as mine are. Since he had a wellness day this Friday, he suggested I take the day off so that we could go to Costco. I looked at him and said, why do I have to take the day off when it’s your wellness day, but when I have a wellness day, you don’t want to take the day off? He basically went on his little spiel about how it’s harder for him to take days off when everyone else is working because “so much is going on.” That honestly seemed like a cop-out way of trying to say that his work is more important than mine, but given the fact that I have only taken two days off since beginning this job in September, I figured I might as well just take the day off and have some time away from a computer. And also, I’m not working in an emergency room, so nothing I am doing is that urgent or needs to be attended to immediately (he also does not work in an emergency room, but he can certainly treat his work as “importantly” as he wants to).

So, I’m taking a day off. These three days are the only days when I’ve taken a day off and not really traveled… like REALLY traveled. It’s an adjustment for me, but maybe that’s what I need to do more of: take random days off just for myself, even if I have nothing really to do… because that will be better for my health overall, mental and physical. I really do need to be better about “doing nothing” in a world that is constantly judging you based on productivity.

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