Family and race

There are people in my family who think that race no longer matters, that they “don’t see color” (unless it’s to attack Black and Brown people, that is), that Asian people are essentially of the same “social status” as White people.

My family is truly filled with a bunch of idiots.

Someone in my family sent a group text to a bunch of us today with a YouTube video randomly uploaded by someone with barely any subscribers (the video had about 50 views) that slanders Joe Biden and said, “after you watch this, you can be the judge of whether our mainstream media is pushing a communist country along and whether they are suppressing the REAL news that needs to be covered.”

I did not watch the video. I do not care to watch a bunch of random trash uploaded to YouTube. While I do maintain a YouTube channel and upload videos, I am very, VERY cognizant of the fact that anyone can upload pretty much any video to YouTube proclaiming something to be true, but that doesn’t necessarily mean IT IS TRUE. I’m sad that my own family members are not smart enough to separate reality from falsehoods. I’m even sadder that said family members are condescending to those of us who actually DO read The New York Times or the Washington Post and think WE are the stupid ones for believing this “fake news,” that they actually believe they are BETTER than us because they follow these conservative networks full of lies.

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