This country has truly regressed

After the last two U.S. Senate seats were won by two Democrats, and while Biden was supposed to be declared the winner of the U.S. presidential election by the Senate, a bunch of deranged Trump supporters decided to rage into the Capitol building and stage an insurrection. Filled with delusional thoughts of fake news and a fradulent election simply because their side lost, they refused to accept the outcome of this election. And the worst part, aside from the fact that these idiots did this? The Capitol police did absolutely nothing to prevent them from coming in and storming through the entire building. If you have even a remote idea of how strictly security works at government buildings, you would know that the only way something this intense and big would’ve been allowed to happen would be if they were literally invited in with welcome, open arms. The number of photos I saw of police officers taking selfies with these morons was disgusting. I thought about the many protests around Black Lives Matter over the last 6+ years and thought… wait, so protesters peacefully protesting in honor of the rights of people of color were tear gassed and arrested, yet the White Trump supporters barely face any consequences for an actual insurrection? And don’t even get me started about how Trump has been encouraging and inciting violence since even before Biden officially won. It’s truly amazing to me exactly how much you can get away with in this country when you are white, and even moreso, a white male.

Anyone who doesn’t believe that this has anything to do with race — well, I want nothing to do with you and the delusional world you live in. If there is just one reason and one reason alone that the Republican Party of today is evil, it is that they are the one party of this country that is pro voter suppression, and that is ALL ABOUT RACE when you actually take a look at the data.

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