Yvonne meets Food + parents

When I first started my YouTube channel, my dad was encouraging of it because he saw that it could potentially be a future profession if I worked hard at it, and he embraces the entrepreneurial spirit. “You will never be fulfilled working for someone else,” he’s repeatedly said to me in many ways over the years. My mom thought it was cute but silly. “You already are at a computer all day long for work, and now you want to spend MORE time at a computer!” she exclaimed. She was worried for my health, that I might develop carpal tunnel and get further eye strain from more time in front of a screen. She said that I don’t know how to rest (takes one to know one, Mom). They watched some of my videos in the beginning, but I could tell my dad wasn’t too excited about the content, and my mom seemed to think I’d eventually give it up.

Then came the pandemic and the fact that they could no longer have me visiting as often as I used to. This means that they had no idea when they would see me next. So when my mom would see her friend, they’d watch my YouTube videos on the big TV screen and comment on my cooking or what I was saying. My mom was finally regularly watching ALL my videos. This was her way to “see” me.

Chris sent them Yvonne meets Food shirts, and they actually arrived today. My mom got super excited and called immediately when they arrived. “How did you DO this?” she asked, super curious and thrilled. “It has your NAME on it!”

“That’s my YouTube channel logo,” I explained to her. “Doesn’t it look familiar? And it has a mango in the middle of it!”

“WOW!” she exclaimed, looking over the logo. “I like this red color, too! Your Daddy says that I have to wear it now. We will both wear them! It feels soft, too.”

My parents will be wearing my Yvonne meets Food shirts. I smiled to myself, imagining them walking around San Francisco with matching shirts, advertising their daughter’s YouTube channel.

I wonder how many new subscribers they will get me.

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