Inconsequential dreams

In the last few days, I’ve had all kinds of strange, inconsequential dreams. Chris says that I tend to have negative, menacing dreams because my subconscious is disturbed, and I apparently “choose” to think about annoying, frustrating things. In recent dreams, I have been getting hit on by random friends and acquaintances, looking for lost items in the closet, or preparing food for events. They are all pretty boring things to remember I dreamt about, but, well, they are all inconsequential and did not leave me puzzled as per usual.

But maybe that’s what I need more of. Maybe I need more “boring” in the same way that the U.S. needs more “boring” from its president. The more soap opera/theatrical crap we have to deal with, the more we realize our government is a total sham. The more “boring” I have in my dreams could be a sign of how stable my life is. Sort of.

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