Striped bass meatiness

Because I’ve mostly been buying barramundi from Australis via Whole Foods and Costco when on sale during the pandemic, I realize that this is pretty much the only white fish I’ve been eating this whole time. Australis likes to market barramundi here in the U.S. as “sustainable seabass” since barramundi are not in the waters around this country, yet somehow.. I seem to have forgotten what any type of bass tastes like. Well, another sustainable fish option came up on the sale list at Whole Foods a few weeks ago, and it was actually striped bass. So I picked up two packets of it and prepared it in a Thai green curry tonight.

I was really shocked at the texture; it was extremely meaty, way, way more meaty than the barramundi, which tended to be more tender and flaky. When I dug my fork into it tonight, it almost felt like I was tugging at meat skin.

“What is this?” Chris asked, as he ate the fish curry. I told him it was the striped bass from Whole Foods, and he expressed surprise, also saying that he thought it was meat because of the texture.

Well… I guess fish IS meat, right? Just meat of the sea?

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