The 1st of December – no light in sight

Chris has been giving me look-back reminders of fun things we’ve done on a given day in the last year. “Babe, do you know what we were doing last year today?” He’ll glance over at me with a bit of a smirk, knowing he’s about to do something to annoy me. “Last year, we were taking our day trip from Brussels to Brugges!” Or, another one: “today, were exploring Christmas markets in Brussels!” And with the first of December being today, he said, “and today, we were counting down the days until we would be boarding our flight to summer in Australia!”

I detest this. I detest this very much. While he likes to do look-backs all the time, this year, it’s particularly frustrating because we have absolutely nothing to look forward to. It’s one thing to reminisce on the fun we’ve had in the past when there is fun to look forward to in the future, but we have virtually nothing. While vaccines are being approved around the globe now, that means absolutely nothing for what will happen here in the U.S. because I generally believe that this country likes to prescribe to absolute stupidity and lack of common sense. And oh yes, the anti-vaxxers, some of whom I personally know, are having a field day now, insisting via their social media platform of choice that they predicted this ALL along: COVID-19 is a GLOBAL CONSPIRACY TO GET EVERYONE IN THE WORLD VACCINATED!

I have nothing to look forward to. And my elbow pain is still persisting. I hate everything.

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