Another day back at work after a long weekend

Today was pretty miserable. It wasn’t a particularly busy day, but as l looked at my work calendar through the week, slowly but surely, my time blocks started getting totally filled up. I’m not sure how this happens where at the beginning of the week, it appears that I have a decent amount of work and meetings, and as Monday ends, my calendar has become completely full. This is awful.

After a long weekend, everyone wants to be polite and ask you how your weekend went. And my response was generally the same, almost down to the last word. At the beginning of the weekend, you think, wow, I have so much time! I can do all these things! And you get really ambitious about everything you want to accomplish. And then, when Sunday finally rolls by, you get a little depressed, thinking, how did those four whole days roll by and we’re already right around the corner from MONDAY? WHY? HOW????

There never feels like there’s enough time to both accomplish everything you want to do and also relax. Because yes, when you’re an adult with all these responsibilities, you actually have to make time to relax and do nothing.

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