Astor Place Hair

Chris has been getting his hair cut at the historic Astor Place Hair pretty much since he moved to New York. I’ve been getting my hair cut there since 2013, and colored since 2017, especially after I was tired of getting $60 hair cuts at a Japanese salon in East Village (that free hot green tea was really not worth the price tag). We just heard this week that they will be closing right before Thanksgiving because of the awful impact the pandemic has had on their business. They were able to reopen in June, but the number of people coming in for cuts and color had decreased so drastically that they haven’t been able stay afloat. This place really is an institution though; many celebrities get their hair cut here, and even Bill De Blasio gets his hair cut here.

Does this mean my $25 haircuts are over? What about my $140 cut and highlight sessions (when the average spot in New York charges two to three times that amount…)? Who knows what the future will hold, but fingers crossed that they’ll be able to find a new location somewhere more affordable. It’s as though a little part of New York will die if they close their doors permanently.

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