Voting in 2020

A historic number of people have already either participated in early or absentee voting this year, and I’m hoping, fingers crossed, that these people all voted for Biden. Early voting is available here in New York state, and Chris and I went to the polls just a few blocks away to drop off our absentee ballots, and good thing we requested absentee. As we approached the poll, we noticed a long line that seemed quite endless. I did a time lapse video of just the first floor blocks of people who lined up for early voting; that line did NOT end there. It actually stretched for another six blocks along Columbus! Because we had absentee ballots, we were allowed right in to drop off the ballots and get our “I Voted” stickers. This is Chris’s first presidential election he’s voting in, and so he insists that it needs to be a Trump defeat…. because apparently he is that powerful. 🙂

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