Balancing paid work with YmF

I feel pretty tired, both mentally and physically. It’s not like my paid work has ever required any hard physical labor, but I still feel tired nevertheless with all the new information I’m taking in, people I’m meeting, and new processes I’m getting used to. Plus, just the physical aspect of being in front of a computer for hours upon hours a day again feels draining. It also makes me realize how poorly equipped our apartment is for a proper home-office setup because nothing is right, whether it’s the angle of my elbows at my keyboard, the level of my computer screen to my eyes. Our dining room table is really the only place where we can work, and with both of us working, that means sharing the table.

I get a work stipend to spend on home office setup, so I’m thinking about things that will be good for my physical health, like cushions for my seat, back, and wrists. These all seem like little things, but the little things not working are ultimately what get people injured. And it can be pretty painful. I’m still waking up with tight hands and fingers. These are “white collar” work dangers. 🙁

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