New job during COVID-19

Interviewing for a job fully remote over Zoom is strange. Beginning a new job fully remote over Zoom is even stranger. You have all these new colleagues, new processes, new computer and applications, and everything is 100% over a computer with no in-person interaction period. Today was the first day at my new job, and it felt a little bit unreal: I logically know I’m a new employee at a new company, but it still doesn’t feel real because I haven’t met a single person I now work with.

It was still a good experience, though. This company was the only place I’d ever interviewed at where I felt positive about every single person I interviewed with, plus the product and direction of the company. And after a full day of onboarding and meetings today, it still feels that way. People seem genuine and humble, passionate and bright, but no one seems to drink the Kool-Aid *too much* and no one seems to push any cult-like beliefs. It seems… chill, for lack of a better word.

I used to say that the last company was the best place I’d ever worked while at the same time also being the worst place I ever worked. With this company, I hope this really will be the best place I will have ever worked. Fingers crossed.

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