Masks – our new normal for now until.. forever?

Chris has been attempting to put YmF branding on everything. We have shirts and now we even have masks with my logo on them. In addition to this mask, I also have a mask that a colleague gifted to me, but outside of that, I really don’t have any others that I would regularly want to use. We temporarily used airplane eye-masks for sleeping as “masks,” but they were hard to breathe in, so we eventually stopped. But now, knowing that masks will be our new normal, I figured I would get some new interesting ones to have some variety and also to accept that this is our new normal moving forward… until probably forever.

I ordered some masks that are locally designed and made here in New York City, and some of the proceeds go to the nonprofit Color of Change. One of the masks has different Asian sauce bottles on it, and the second is pink with dragon fruit on them. It had to be food related for me, right?

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