Virtual “onsite” interviews

One of the biggest things that companies have had to change during a time of COVID-19 is in-person meetings. When I say that they have needed to change it, what I mean is that in-person meetings are now finito – they no longer exist, and ALL meetings are now virtual. Since it’s not considered safe to be in an office, this also means that if you are interviewing for a new job, no more in-person marathon meetings where you have to meet one person after a next for 3-5 hours. This also means that for once in your entire life, it’s acceptable to come to an interview wearing a T-shirt and shorts — yes, really. I’ve been doing this for the last two months. It’s been a little weird, but also quite liberating at the same time. Who wants to wear stuffy clothes anyway?

What is strange, though, is that while companies have shifted in this sense out of necessity during a global pandemic, they still insist on having “virtual onsite” meetings for interviews, meaning… you no longer have to come in for your interview, but you DO have to meet one person one after the next in a single time block. What ever happened to… I don’t know, being creative and breaking up these 1:1 meetings throughout a few days so that we could potentially prevent Zoom fatigue and eye tiredness? I literally spent 3.5 hours on Zooms back to back meeting with about six different people. I had one 15-minute break. The Zoom fatigue — that is real. I was also trying to time this so that my laptop battery didn’t run out since my plug was not nearby.

Can companies please look to be a little MORE nimble and evolve as time is evolving, please?

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