Teddie Peanut Butter appears in NYC

We’d been getting low on our Teddie peanut butter jar. After some initial skepticism, Chris embraced this brand of peanut butter, declaring that it really did have just the right amount of sweet and salty to it. He did a quick search on Teddie’s official site and found out that Teddie peanut butter can actually now be found at select Key Food locations in the city, one of which happened to be walking distance from us on 85th and Amsterdam. Chris insisted I didn’t look carefully enough. I insisted that back in 2011, when I ran out of Teddie, Teddie was definitely NOT outside of New England, with the exception of buying it on Amazon for inflated prices.

We trekked up to the Key Food, stood in line for about 10 minutes, and went inside to discover not only raspberries and blackberries packages for a buck each, but also both conventional chunk and smooth Teddie peanut butter (with salt). I was ecstatic. We picked up a jar of each and gleefully went home.

We were telling our building handyman and friend about this, that this was our highlight of our Saturday. He laughed and said, “What a time we live in now when the major highlight of our weekend is finding a specific brand of PEANUT BUTTER at a grocery store!” I insisted to him that this peanut butter was absolutely worth the hype. He said it probably was quite good, but these are the biggest things we look forward to in a time of shelter-in-place. Once upon a time, we looked forward to discovering new eats and restaurants, going to the theater, seeing a movie, catching up with friends visiting from out of town, an upcoming domestic or international trip. Now, it’s peanut butter.

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