Numb hands

The last few mornings, I’ve been waking up with my hands feeling numb. They’ve been sore the last week, likely because I’ve been spending more time video editing, which means more time at the computer on top of already being on a computer most of the weekdays for work. The upside of COVID-19 quarantine is that I’ve been spending more time shooting cooking videos and editing. The downside of the quarantine, other than the obvious, is that the more editing I do, the more time I spend on a computer, which means the more my hands and wrists get sore and angry at me for abusing them. I did a quick Google search for “waking up with hands numb” and found that most of the results I got were around early onset carpel tunnel symptoms.

That’s exactly what I need to hear. Granted, I’ve been able to handle wrist and hand pain from computer use with my dyna-flex power ball and stretching, so it’s been manageable for all these years in front of a computer. But I hadn’t needed to use the power ball in months now. More physical therapy is needed for my body and me during shelter-in-place.

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