When every day feels the same

I woke up this morning, wondering what day it was… to then think, well, why does it matter, anyway… every day other than Saturday and Sunday seems to feel the same now! But at least with it being Thursday, we are one day closer to Friday and thus a day closer to not having to have my laptop open all day long for work calls and meetings.

I’m waking up later than I normally do with this quarantining. I’ve still been keeping a routine of waking up to exercise, even if it’s only on my seven-foot-long yoga mat laid out on my bedroom floor. This period has taught me further that although people always say and think they need more space, none of us really does. You can burn calories and have a high-intensity workout on a mat that is just two feet longer than your body. You can cook in a kitchen where you have only three feet of counter space. You make the most of what you have because you have no other choice.

I’m cooking more throughout the week because I have more flexibility and time. If anything, this is a good time to test out all the recipes that I thought were too finicky or labor-intensive… because why not? This is a period of social distancing, so we should be more self-reflective, meditate, and do all the things we say we “should” do but have just made too many excuses to not do because of our general feelings of self-importance and constantly wanting to “go out” and “do more.”

I can cook more, test more, read more, video edit more. I can do all these things, be productive, and keep myself and others safe. It’s an unprecedented time that we are living in now, but we have to make the most of it… even if every day feels nearly the same.

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