Sourdough starter time?

Given our entire company is working from home, we’ve started some new “work from home water cooler” Slack channels to keep ourselves amused and still social with each other. One of the ones I’ve recently joined is on recipes, where we share recipes of things we’re cooking given our sudden extra time at home. At least four of my colleagues have used this opportunity to make their own sourdough starter. I’ve always thought about doing this, but never actually did it. And reading through the guides they have shared, it’s actually much easier than I thought (or so it sounds!).

So while making vegan banana bread today (with a new twist I’ve never done: using all purpose flour, semolina flour, and buckwheat flour, with a few tablespoons of millet!), I bookmarked a link to teach myself how to do this. Who could say no to 100 percent homemade bread, with not even commercial yeast used?!

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