Over stimulation

It’s the first of five days of being in San Francisco and Napa for work: two days of our team offsite, plus three days of go-to-market kickoff for the new fiscal year. Although it’s fun to meet new colleagues and catch up with colleagues I’ve known for a while since I don’t normally see them, after the first day has ended today, I am already ready to crawl into bed and sit in silence. I feel like I’ve been overloaded with information, over-stimulated, and that my introvert self is ready to go into hiding. Most of my colleagues consider me an extrovert, someone who keeps the stories and jokes going, is loud and laughs a lot, and is part of what gives the room energy when I am there. But once I leave that room, I am definitely done and not coming back — no FOMO (fear of missing out), no feeling of being the “party pooper” who left, and definitely not able to be peer-pressured to stay, ever. I might have felt that way in my early 20s, but now in my mid-30s, that is definitely over and done with. It’s like my Insights scale and evaluation (like Myers-Briggs, but to me, more understandable): I project an extroverted “yellow”, but in my truly natural state, I’m an introverted “green.”

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