Not the same anymore

The last two go-to-market kickoffs have been really exciting: the first is always the most exciting because everything is new: the people, the process, the place, the schedule. The second one was fun because I felt like there was a massive buzz and people were really engaged and ready to go out there and do some great things. This year, I feel like the tone has changed. For those who are new, they are always excited because this is their year one, which for me, was two years ago. For those who have been here a while, the feeling was quite muted. For sales people who haven’t been hitting their individual or regional numbers, it was clear that they were all business and had no desire to mingle with anyone who they either didn’t know or could personally benefit from. That was sad to me today to observe. I had a lot fewer people greet, hug, or say hi to me than I normally do. Most of the people who have advocated for me who I was a fan of have left. And as I walked through the halls and desks of our company yesterday, I realized… I don’t totally feel like I really belong here anymore. That sense of belonging was once really strong. And now it’s not.

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